6 Problems Charket Resolves for Businesses Using WeChat and SFDC

One question I got asked many times is, we are already using the WeChat admin portal and its customer service portal for marketing and customer service, why would I need to use Charket and connect our WeChat into Salesforce?

Here are 6 problems Charket helps our customers resolve.

1. Not all WeChat features are available in the WeChat admin portal, certain features are only available through calling the WeChat APIs. Charket implemented the user interface to make using those features in a much easier way. One good example is the customized menu (some people call it personalized menu), this feature allows a business to show different WeChat menus to different group of people, for example, prospects will see the menu that focuses on product marketing while customers see the menu that they can easily access customer service resources and contact customer support. By using Charket, setting up customized menus will only take a few minutes.

2. There are two options for sending a mass message from the WeChat admin portal, one is to send a mass message to all followers and the other is to send a mass message to followers assigned to a specific tag. By using Charket, however, it's possible to send a mass message any leads and/or contacts as long as they have their WeChat profiles linked. This can considerably increase the efficiency and accuracy of WeChat marketing.

3. The WeChat customer service portal only keeps messages from customers for a limited period of time, after that, messages are gone. WeChat does not save such data as part of their user privacy policies. And also, it’s not possible to reply a customer’s message after 48 hours, this is a big problem if customer inquiries are received on Friday evening because customer service agents won’t be able to get back to those inquiries by Monday morning. Charket instead saves all messages, including images and audio/video files, in Salesforce. Customer service agents can check the whole chat history and respond to customers after 48 hours with a better knowledge of the challenges they had.

4. Another problem with providing customer support using WeChat’s built-in customer service portal is, all incoming requests are evenly assigned to all available agents. There is no way to change this assignment rule. By using Charket, incoming customer requests can be distributed to agents following customized routing rules based on CRM data such as brands, membership levels, etc.

5. When marketers run a marketing campaign, especially an offline one, there are hassles and a lot of human effort involved from sending invitations and event notifications, to onsite check-in and sending surveys. Charket offers a streamlined and easy-to-follow process that helps marketers save effort and resources and at the same time provide a better experience to those who join the events.

6. A key benefit of using WeChat for business is to collect data, such as follower behaviors, sales orders, etc. so the data can be used to better serve customers and drive future sales growth. However, this is not possible by using the WeChat admin portal alone. Salesforce is well known for the power of its cloud computing platform which companies can customize to fit their business processes. By connecting WeChat into Salesforce, all WeChat data can be analyzed and further processed by automation tools such as the workflow and the process builder. All data can be easily presented by using Salesforce’s reporting tools or BI tools integrated with Salesforce.

WeChat and Salesforce are perfect complements to each other. WeChat does a great job on the customer end while Salesforce is excellent at taking care of the whole customer journey, and Charket matches the two seamlessly.