What is the Charket chatbot?

The Charket chatbot allows a WeChat user who can be a customer, a partner or an internal employee to chat with Salesforce from their WeChat app. Things that can be done through a chat conversation include but not limited to logging a case, checking order status and recording a sales activity.

How does the Charket chatbot works?

The Charket chatbot works the same way as most other personal assistant devices do, such as Amazon Echo which relies on skills developers build and publish to Amazon Alexa platform. So in order for the Charket chatbot to perform tasks, developers and admins will need to build Charket skills and add the skills to Charket. The Charket skills are what the Charket chatbot uses to process WeChat user requests.

What can the Charket chatbot do?

What the Charket chatbot can do depends on what skills a company has built and made available to the chatbot.

Does the Charket chatbot have limits?

There is no limitation on what the Charket chatbot can do as long as the resources the chatbot consumes are within the Salesforce Apex Governor Limits which Salesforce imposes to each org due to the nature of Salesforce being a multi-tenant platform. For example, a large high definition photo may fail to be processed because it exceeds the size of a file that the Apex code can process. Some of the limits can be avoided by purchasing additional resources from Salesforce.

Are Charket skills difficult to develop?

No. Our product team did a great job making building Charket skills easy enough. Most skills can be built through the drag-and-drop approach. More complex skills require coding work. We have a library of Charket skills and their source code that Salesforce developers can refer to in order to build their own skills.

How is a Charket skill triggered?

A Charket skill can be triggered by WeChat users through keyword matching, menu click and QR code scanning, by WeChat agents from the Live Chat window, and by Process Builder processes.

Does Charket come with built-in skills?

Charket does not have any built-in skills after it’s installed in a Salesforce org because skills are usually business specific. A skill that works for one business may not work for another. A Charket customer will need to build their own skills before using the Charket chatbot.

Are Charket skills shared among all Charket customers?

No. Unlike Amazon Alexa skills which are available to all Echo devices, Charket skills work within the scope of each Salesforce org where the skills are hosted.