Connect LINE® to Salesforce Customer 360

Charket LINE®, Empowers Salesforce CRM with LINE Messaging

Delivering services through social media effectively narrows the gap between businesses and their customers. Well scheduled social media posts provide extensive coverage and increase user engagement. Recognized as one of the most popular social networks in Asia, LINE engages 230 million monthly active users, making it integral for brand marketing and customer communications in regions like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia.
As a provider of social CRM solutions, Charket facilitates seamless integration of LINE official accounts with Salesforce Customer 360. With Charket LINE, businesses can effectively manage LINE conversations from within Salesforce, offering their customers a truly exceptional service experience.

What can Charket LINE do?

Charket LINE enables businesses to securely store LINE data in Salesforce and associate LINE customers with Salesforce leads and contacts for ease of identification across varying management points.
Customer service agents can use Salesforce Omni-Channel to capably support their LINE customers, as well as customers from other social media channels through more of our Charket apps. Omni-Channel also allows for seamless chat conversation transfers among service agents.
Agents can straightforwardly create cases from chat conversations and efficiently keep LINE customers informed and updated through automated notifications.
AI capabilities, empowered by Open AI, help agents deliver great customer experience by recommending best replies and analyzing customer sentiment.

What are the primary advantages of using Charket LINE?

Direct Integration: Charket LINE connects LINE official accounts to Salesforce CRM directly, eliminating the need for proxy servers. This ensures that all LINE data is processed and stored within each company's Salesforce org, enhancing both data security and message routing performance.
Omni-Channel Customer Service: By running Charket LINE along with other Charket apps (Charket WhatsApp, Charket WeChat, Charket WeCom and more), Salesforce customers can establish an omni-channel customer service solution and apply a unified data model across all social media platforms.
Enhanced by OpenAI: With the power of OpenAI, Charket LINE provides endless opportunities to elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.
As a comprehensive social CRM solution provider, Charket helps businesses connect social media platforms such as WeChat, WeCom, WhatsApp, LINE, and SMS to their Salesforce CRM, thereby reaching customers worldwide. Schedule a demo with a Charket expert to learn more about the Charket LINE AppExchange app.