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Salesforce Mobile Experience Delivered through WeCom in China
Charket WeCom
As an AI company specializing in social media technologies, offers a suite of Salesforce native apps that enable Salesforce customers to connect their social media accounts to Salesforce Customer 360. Among these innovative apps, Charket WeCom transforms the WeCom app into a powerful and user-friendly Salesforce mobile app, filling a significant gap between the world's most popular CRM and its adoption in China.
What's WeCom?
WeCom is a platform consisting primarily of two parts. The first part is similar to Salesforce's AppExchange; it's a marketplace where Tencent, the owner of both WeChat and WeCom, along with third-party ISVs, publish their apps and solutions to help companies manage various aspects of their businesses. The second part allows an organization to create WeCom users for its employees, with each WeCom user functioning almost the same way as a personal WeChat account does. Unlike personal WeChat which doesn't have APIs, WeCom offers a rich set of APIs for accessing its data and making app development possible. A WeCom user can connect and communicate with WeChat users the same way as a personal WeChat account can, which makes the WeCom app an ideal tool for doing sales with and supporting WeChat customers.
WeCom plays an important role in integrating business applications into the WeChat ecosystem. offers a powerful integration connecting Salesforce CRM with the WeCom platform through its Charket WeCom app, making Salesforce mobile experience available within the WeCom app.
1. Access WeChat Customer Information Right in The Chat Window
While chatting with WeChat customers, WeCom users can effortlessly access their customer information stored in Salesforce CRM and perform quick actions such as creating tasks and cases right in the chat window. This convenient way of identifying, engaging with, and supporting WeChat customers boosts efficiency and improves customer satisfaction.
Access WeChat Customer Information Right in The Chat Window
Push Salesforce Events to The WeCom App
2. Push Salesforce Events to The WeCom App
Important events and data from Salesforce CRM can be pushed to WeCom users, keeping them informed of what's happening in their CRM. This allows WeCom users to take immediate actions in response to these events, ensuring they never miss the opportunity to follow up on deals and surprise customers by providing what they need before they even ask for it.
3. Full Salesforce Experience in WeCom Workspace
By adding the full Salesforce mobile experience to the WeCom app's workspace, Charket WeCom allows WeCom users to access Salesforce CRM on the go, enabling them to get things done whenever they have time, from the palm of their hands, staying on top of their agenda.
Full Salesforce Experience in WeCom Workspace
Talk to Salesforce CRM through WeCom
4. Talk to Salesforce CRM through WeCom
Using state-of-the-art AI technologies, Charket Copilot introduces a natural language interface for Salesforce CRM. WeCom users can use their voice to query and create Salesforce data through their WeCom app. After wrapping up a sales visit, a salesperson can leave a voice message for Salesforce, and an activity will be created and associated with the correct account and contact information. After an account manager finishes an audio/video call with a WeChat customer, the call can be transcribed, summarized, and saved to a case. It's no longer necessary to survey customers to get their feedback on the customer experience they receive; Charket Copilot can automatically perform sentiment analysis from customer engagement history.
5. Data Security as First Priority
Data security is always our first priority as our Charket apps help our customers generate valuable data that contributes to their data-driven decision making and better understanding and supporting their customers. Charket apps protect each customer's data by storing it in their own Salesforce org, to which staff and WeCom servers don't have access. By doing so, all the data is fully protected by Salesforce, and compliance with personal data protection laws, such as GDPR, PIPL, and CCPA, is also made easy through Salesforce's compliance with them.
Data Security as First Priority
By fully integrating Salesforce CRM with WeCom, Charket WeCom enables Salesforce customers in China to elevate their Salesforce adoption to new heights, helping their marketing specialists, salespeople, and service agents stay productive and competitive. It also bridges the gap left by the absence of an official Salesforce mobile app in Mainland China, providing a seamless, secure, and efficient CRM experience through the WeCom app. Chat with us or schedule a demo with our experts to explore how Charket WeCom can help deliver a great Salesforce mobile experience for your WeCom users.
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