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Charket Mobile SCRM, Engage Customers On The Go
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Charket Mobile SCRM, Engage Customers On The Go

Charket Mobile SCRM, Engage Customers On The Go

A working and capable CRM system can be a strategic investment for companies of all sizes. For a CRM to be considered highly efficient and easy to adopt, it's necessary that the CRM is mobile friendly. People are spending more and more time with their phones, being able to collaborate with others and get things done from the palm of their hands means improved efficiency and increased productivity.
Relying on the underlying Salesforce CRM and Charket AppExchange apps for connecting social media to Salesforce, Charket mobile app brings Charket's exceptional social CRM experience from desktop computers to mobile devices. It units all teams together in the most natural way and allows them to collaborate effortlessly through the convenience of using their mobile devices. Charket mobile app supports a wide variety of devices running iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and Android. Salesforce users can use the app to monitor marketing campaign performance, manage sales pipeline, track sales activities, process customer inquiries and stay engaged with customers through social media from anywhere and at each and every moment.
What makes Charket mobile app a superior mobile SCRM solution
Charket mobile app makes Salesforce CRM available to more devices than ever before. The app's well-thought-out design and superior performance offer Salesforce users the best user experience for getting things done. The patented Touch Point menu offers the most natural way to navigate a mobile app. It takes users no effort to access and update their Salesforce data.
When it comes to business data, especially customer data, nothing is more important than keeping the data secure. All data the Charket mobile app accesses is securely stored in Salesforce database and encrypted both in transit across the Internet and at rest within the app.
Charket mobile SCRM use cases
The Charket mobile SCRM solution helps manage a company and its daily activities efficiently. Sales people will have the right information at their fingertips to quickly respond to sales opportunities. Marketing specialists will be able to closely monitor and fine-tune their marketing campaigns to achieve the best performance. Service agents will make customers satisfied by always getting them what they need in no time.
Marketing specialists can use the Charket mobile app to manage their marketing campaigns, including their marketing events. They can segment leads generated from campaigns, qualify them by having real-time chat conversations with them, and transfer qualified leads to sales people. By working with Charket Sales Intelligence, Charket mobile app allows marketing specialists to perform content marketing, analyze traffic generated from the content, and use traffic data to improve their content marketing strategy.
Social Selling
Sales people are usually always on the go to explore sales opportunities. It's important for them to be able to access customer data and log sales activities easily from their phones. Charket mobile app's one-hand operation design makes multi-tasking an enjoyable experience. Instead of entering contact information manually, sales people can create new contacts by scanning their business cards. When logging a sales activity, sales people can choose to geotag the activity to improve data accuracy. By working with content marketing and Charket Sales Intelligence, Charket mobile app delivers instant notifications and insightful data that help sales people decide what actions to take to maximize their chance of closing deals as won.
Customer Service
Customer satisfaction won't happen if their inquiries take longer than expected to be attended. By using Charket Live Chat which is available in Charket mobile app, customer service agents can have real-time chat conversations with customers from their phones and even smart watches. Smaller but not less powerful, Charket mobile app offers desktop level contact center solution features which include customized routing rules, chat transfer, chatbot, agent status and auto replies, Quick Replies, Smart Replies, WeChat Pay, case creation, etc.
Charket mobile app complements Charket's entire SCRM solution. It helps business users collaborate when they are on the go so they can offers their customers a seamless end-to-end experience. Empowered by Salesforce's award winning Lightning platform, Charket mobile app allows Salesforce users to get more done and done better using less effort.
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