Charket Pricing

5 licenses/month
Subscriptions are billed annually



What is Charket license?

A Charket license is a Salesforce feature license that entitles a Salesforce user to access additional features that are not included with his or her user license. Charket licenses are named user licenses, which means each Salesforce user who needs to use Charket apps or access Charket data needs to have a Charket license. This license model does not apply to Charket SMS which uses an org-wide license model.

Can I buy more Charket licenses?

Yes, submit this form to contact our sales team.

Do you have an implementation fee?

Your license subscription includes up to 50 hours of our professional services which will be used for the initial implementation and the user onboarding. 50 hours are good for most of our customers. If more hours are needed, the additional hours will be billed at US$200/hour using the T&M billing approach.

Will you do onsite training?

All training sessions will be delivered online. If you prefer to have onsite training, our professional service team can do it at an additional charge.

Do you offer monthly billing options?

No, all of our subscriptions require at least an annual commitment.

Is Charket license expensive?

Expensive or not is relative and it depends on the return from using Charket apps which, if well used, will for sure deliver significant values and stay cost effective at the same time.

1. Social network strategy implemented through Charket apps reduces the unforeseeable opportunity costs.
2. Sales intelligence offered by Charket apps helps sales team win more opportunities which contribute to the growth of revenue.
3. Sales process adopted by Charket apps improves efficiency and increases sales team's capacity by as high as 5 times.
4. Flexibility and scalability Charket apps are well known for and subscription based pricing model keep the total cost of ownership low and predictable.

Opportunity costs are often ignored but they are usually significantly high. Examples of opportunity costs include the lost revenue from not implementing a working social network solution and the cost of data breach from not using a secure social network solution.

Do you offer free updates?

Yes. As a SaaS solution provider, we update our Charket apps regularly to make new features available and to accommodate updates from both Salesforce and social networks supported by our Charket apps. All updates are free of charge.

Do you offer free end user support?

Our free product support covers issues that are related to our Charket apps. Our professional service team offers Salesforce development, customization and consulting services at an additional charge.