5 licenses / month
Subscriptions are billed annually Products
Charket Copilot
Engage customers with AI-enabled social media interactions
Charket WhatsApp
For offering your WhatsApp customers exceptional experiences
Charket WeChat
For better understanding your WeChat customers
Charket WeCom
Empower your social selling
Charket LINE
For supporting your customers through LINE
Charket SMS
Engage customers using SMS in China
Additional optional fees
1. WhatsApp messaging fee charged by WhatsApp.
2. Token consumption fee charged by the selected AI provider.
3. Consumption based elastic service fee. Contact us for more information on this.
4. WeCom named user license fee charged by Tencent.
5. WeCom connection fee charged by Tencent.
6. Charket SMS license fee which is $12,000 annually per each Salesforce org.
7. SMS messaging fee charged by the selected SMS service provider.
8. Charket professional service fee which is $200 per hour.


Questions? We've got you covered.
What is a Charket license?
A Charket license grants a Salesforce user access to Charket apps. Charket licenses are named user licenses, meaning each Salesforce user who needs to use Charket apps or access Charket data needs to have a Charket license. Our Charket SMS app uses a separate org-wide license mode.
Can I buy more than 5 Charket licenses?
Yes, additional licenses can be purchased at a discount. Please contact our sales team for more information.
Do you charge an implementation fee?
Your license subscription includes up to 50 hours of our professional services, allocated for the initial implementation and user onboarding. These 50 hours suffice for most customers. Should additional hours be necessary, they will be billed at $200/hour using the T&M billing approach.
What support do you provide?
We provide complimentary premium support to ensure our customers maximize the benefits of using Salesforce CRM and our Charket apps. Each customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who is available for support whenever needed. Additionally, we offer on-demand virtual workshops at no extra charge. For Salesforce development, customization, and consulting services, our professional service team is available for an additional fee.
Will you do onsite training?
Training sessions are delivered online. For onsite training, our professional service team can accommodate that at an additional charge.
Do you offer a monthly billing option?
No, all of our subscriptions require a minimum 1-year commitment.
Do you charge product update fees?
No, we regularly update our Charket apps to introduce new features and to accommodate updates Salesforce and social media companies make to their products.
Is Charket license expensive?
The term "expensive" is subjective and depends on the return from using Charket apps, which are designed to deliver significant values while remaining cost-effective. Our pricing model ensures our business's sustainability while simultaneously making the total cost of ownership affordable for our customers.
• Implementing a highly effective and secure social media strategy via Charket apps reduces potential opportunity costs.
• Charket Copilot, our AI-powered agency fully integrated into all Charket apps, lowers labor costs by enhancing efficiency and reducing human workload.
• By running natively and storing all data within Salesforce CRM, Charket apps drive IT costs down through minimal support effort required and by not introducing new data silos.
Opportunity costs, while often overlooked, can be significant, including lost revenue from not implementing an effective social media solution and the risk of a data breach without a secure solution.
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