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There is no doubt that social networks have been integrated into nearly every aspect of modern life. As the social platform with the most users in China, WeChat currently has 1.288 billion monthly active users around the world. WhatsApp, another dominant global social software, has 2.44 billion active users worldwide. According to the latest statistics, in July of 2022, the total number of global social media users has climbed to 4.7 billion people. In other words, more than half of the world's population is using social networking platforms.
This has fundamentally changed the way companies focus on customer needs to enhance customer experience and loyalty. Social media platforms are becoming an essential channel for companies to contact with their customers. As a one-stop social CRM solution provider, Charket helps salesforce customers connect WeChat, WeCom, WhatsApp, LINE, and SMS to the Salesforce Customer 360. This helps customers implement a multi-dimensional, all-round social networking strategy.
Charket apps offer a collaborative system to assist corporate teams in marketing automation, social selling, social commerce, and customer service through social networks. By providing personalized customer experience, Charket social CRM solutions take user satisfaction up to the next level.
On the other hand, the transmission of user behavior data on social platforms to enterprises is shorter and more valuable. Charket's newly launched Sales Intelligence function can help companies push more accurate information to users for better digital marketing. In regards to big data, Charket Sales Intelligence can collect, extract, and process data for customized target data sources, which provides enterprises with more convenient and intuitive data analysis results.
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