About Charket

About Charket
At Charket, we specialize in helping our customers stay competitive by using our Charket app to implement their WeChat strategies. Our Charket app is a Salesforce native app that connects WeChat service accounts, subscription accounts and mini programs into Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot.
Charket is a one-stop WeChat solution that covers the entire customer journey from marketing automation and sales to customer support and the ongoing engagement. Charket works with all Salesforce marketing products to implement marketing automation and manage marketing campaigns. Our mobile app enables social selling by allowing sales people to stay engaged with WeChat prospects and customers anytime anywhere. Our contact center solution and field service offering take WeChat customer satisfaction to the next level. Our configurable and programmable chatbot is powerful enough to reduce agent workload and offer WeChat customers instant assistance. We help increase shopping cart conversion rate by adding WeChat Pay to an existing checkout process.
By offering Salesforce admins and developers Process Builder actions and APIs, Charket is the most scalable WeChat solution that allows them to extend Charket functionalities to support their ever changing business requirements.
Our licensing model, rich set of features, free updates and free product support keep the overall ownership cost down and predictable.
Most importantly, Charket is the most secure WeChat solution by not utilizing any 3rd party servers for processing and storing our customers' WeChat data. All WeChat data is processed and securely stored within each company's own Salesforce org. Even better, being the processor of WeChat data, Salesforce offers the compliance with GDPR and future personal data and user privacy regulations.
At Charket, our mission is to take care of technical complexities so our customers can focus more on their business.