Introducing Charket WhatsApp®

Charket WhatsApp, one of our Charket Social Hub apps, is now available on Salesforce AppExchange!
Charket WhatsApp connects WhatsApp business accounts to Salesforce Customer 360 so Salesforce customers can offer their customers an exceptional experience through WhatsApp.
Charket WhatsApp is one of the most secure WhatsApp solutions. It leverages Meta's new cloud-based APIs and connects WhatsApp business accounts to Salesforce without using any servers in between. Data from WhatsApp users is only processed and stored within each company's own Salesforce org.
WhatsApp Messaging Made Easy
Customer service agents use Salesforce Omni-Channel to support WhatsApp customers as well as customers from other social networks.
Map WhatsApp Users to Salesforce Leads and Contacts
WhatsApp users are mapped to leads and contacts in Salesforce CRM so they can be easily identified across different engagement points.
Cases Created with Just One Click
Agents can easily create cases from chat conversations and keep WhatsApp customers updated through real-time notifications.
Real Time Resource Sharing
Share with WhatsApp customers various types of content, e.g. images, videos, audios, docs, etc. through Charket Live Chat.
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