How to Use Social CRM to Maximize the Benefits from Using WeChat and WeCom?
How to Use Social CRM to Maximize the Benefits from Using WeChat and WeCom?
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How to Use Social CRM to Maximize the Benefits from Using WeChat and WeCom?

Due to the continued coronavirus pandemic, working from home becomes the "new normal", and promotes the growth of business softwares supporting remote working. Among them, WeCom is no doubt the most frequently used one. With the support of connecting with WeChat users, WeCom allows business users to interact with 1.2 billion WeChat users. Compared with WeChat service account (hereafter referred to as "WeChat") which is good for marketing and customer service, WeCom is more suitable for doing sales and conducting customer success activities. By combining WeChat and WeCom together, companies can provide their customers an end-to-end experience.
As a one-stop social CRM solution provider, Charket helps Salesforce customers connect WeChat and WeCom to their Salesforce Customer 360. Charket WeChat and Charket WeCom work together to cover the entire customer journey from marketing automation and social selling to customer support and many more.
How to Enable Marketing Automation and Customer Service via Charket WeChat?
Marketing Automation
As the most effective marketing channel in China, WeChat plays an important role in brand promotion. Charket WeChat enables WeChat marketing automation through Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Pardot and Charket's own sales intelligence capability.
WeChat QR codes and Charket forms & surveys make lead generation seamless. Traffic generated from content can be converted to insightful data for lead qualification & nurturing and sales follow-ups. Charket's marketing event management solution covers sending WeChat invitations, RSVP with WeChat, sending WeChat reminders, QR code check-in, real-time interactions with attendees and post event surveys.
Customer Service
Being the most dominant social network in China, WeChat is the most important customer service channel. Through Charket Live Chat which is available in both the Salesforce browser UI and the Charket mobile app, Charket Contact Center solution allows service agents to process inquiries from WeChat users, share with them resources and even secure deals by having payments processed right in the chat window. While supporting the Salesforce Classic UI, Charket Contact Center solution offers advanced support for Salesforce Lightning Console as well.. Charket Chatbot uses Einstein Bot to enable customer service automation. Through Charket customized routing rules or Salesforce Omni-Channel, Charket Contact Center solution can be deployed in large scale contact centers.
How to Empower Social Selling/Customer Success via Charket WeCom?
Social Selling
Charket Social Selling solution was designed and built for B2B and high value B2C sales. It covers the entire sales cycle from lead generation, lead segmentation and lead qualification to lead conversion, sales pipeline and sales activity management. Charket WeCom supports syncing WeCom users and WeCom contacts to Salesforce Customer 360 and map them with Salesforce users and Salesforce leads/contacts. When sales people leave a company, their WeCom data can be easily transferred to other WeCom users. In addition to protecting companies' customer data, Charket WeCom helps grow their revenue by increasing their sales team's sales performance.
Customer Success
Efficient communication and personalized services are key factors to help customers succeed. Charket WeCom uses cross-account identification to accurately connect WeCom contacts, WeChat users and Salesforce leads/contacts all together. WeCom users can use Salesforce CRM from within their WeCom app so they can easily access customer data and create sales activities while chatting with WeChat customers. Charket Customer Success solution helps companies boost customer satisfaction and retention rate so they can increase their sales revenue as well as customer loyalty.
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