Is WeCom The Best Tool for Doing Social Selling and Customer Success in China?
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Is WeCom The Best Tool for Doing Social Selling and Customer Success in China?

WeCom has become a more and more important channel for engaging customers in China due to primarily two reasons. The first is WeCom users can connect with WeChat users and chat with them; the second is WeCom offers APIs that make possible accessing WeChat/WeCom data and managing social selling and customer success activities in a CRM system.
As one of the Charket Social Hub apps, Charket WeCom helps Salesforce customers connect WeCom to their Salesforce Customer 360. Charket WeCom allows Salesforce users to use WeCom to engage with prospects and customers, build relationships with them, and ultimately get deals closed as won and help customers succeed at the same time.

Social Selling Empowered by Charket WeCom

Sales 2.0 prevails in today's digital world. Social selling became a very effective practice of Sales 2.0 following the popularity of social media. Equipping sales professionals with social media tech is absolutely critical to the success of companies of all sizes.
Charket WeCom connects WeCom to Salesforce and provides sales people a very convenient way to stay engaged with their Salesforce prospects and customers. They can even use Salesforce CRM from within their WeCom app so things like tracking opportunities and logging sales activities become very handy while they are having chat conversations with their WeCom contacts. Empowered by Charket Sales Intelligence, sales people have real time access to insightful data extracted from traffic that comes out of content marketing, so they can use such data to optimize their sales follow-ups and maximize their chance of closing deals as won.

Customer Success Well Practiced with Charket WeCom

Different from customer support which is usually to wait for customers to reach out and help them resolve problems, customer success is to proactively understand challenges customers are having and help them explore solutions so they can turn challenges to opportunities and succeed with their business. Customer success well practiced takes customer satisfaction up to the next level.
By using Charket WeCom, customer success becomes way more organized and much easier to get done. Customer success managers can have one-on-one chat conversations with customers or set up chat groups where more stakeholders can get involved. Reaching out to customers and sharing with them resources through chat conversations is considered the most effective and the most user friendly engagement approach. Not only issues get resolved quickly, but upsell opportunities are also more likely to happen through this type of engagement.

Charket WeCom Advantages

Charket WeCom brings WeCom data to Salesforce CRM and associates such data with Salesforce leads and contacts. Unlike personal WeChat data which belongs to individual WeChat users, WeCom data, however, is owned by each company and plays an important role in making social selling and customer success successful.
WeChat users are usually very creative with their WeChat names. This, however, makes it hard for sales people to know who their WeCom contacts are, especially for new connections which don't have chat history to refer to. Charket WeCom uses cross-account identification to automatically connect WeCom contacts with Salesforce leads/contacts so sales people and customer success managers can easily access each WeChat user's contact information right from the chat window.
Charket WeCom supports transferring WeCom data among WeCom users. So when a sales person leaves a company, his WeCom contacts, chat groups and chat messages can be transferred to the next sales person either manually or automatically based on transferring rules.
By allowing Salesforce users to use Salesforce CRM from within their WeCom app, Charket WeCom turns the WeCom app to a Salesforce mobile app. This brings the Salesforce mobile experience to a lot more devices considering Salesforce's own mobile app does not support Android devices in China. Also, without having to switch among apps, sales people can be more productive working on their deals and customer success managers will find it more efficient to support customers.
If your organization has business in China and you're looking for a solution to fulfill your social selling and customer success needs, schedule a session with our experts to explore how Charket WeCom can help.
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