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Charket Sales Intelligence adds sales intelligence capability to Social CRM to help companies improve their sales performance up to a new level.
In the era of big data, how can B2B companies quickly and efficiently collect, filter and analyze massive amount of Internet traffic and come up with insightful data for sales team to improve their sales performance? By using a sales intelligence solution, marketers and sales can easily obtain behavioral data from prospects and accurately narrow down target customers so they can focus their best effort on deals they are more likely to win. There is no doubt that in-depth understanding of potential customers is the most important part of any sales and marketing strategy.
As a one-stop social CRM solution provider, Charket helps Salesforce customers connect WeChat, WeCom, WhatsApp, LINE and SMS to Salesforce Customer 360. Charket Sales Intelligence combines Salesforce CRM with sales intelligence capability to help companies increase their sales team's capacity and improve their sales performance significantly.
How Does Charket Sales Intelligence Help Generate Private Domain Traffic?
Private domain traffic is a gold mine for each B2B company to explore and win opportunities. Charket Sales Intelligence offers the following 4 options to help generate and store private domain traffic in Salesforce CRM.
Redirect URLs
With Redirect URLs, every content, no matter if it's a video, a file and even a 3rd-party post, can be converted to a traffic generator. Redirect URLs can be placed in social media, emails and QR codes, or sent through chat messages. Such traffic tells marketers how well their content performs and what channels are the most effective. Sales people will also benefit from the traffic by knowing if the content they sent have been interacted so they always have good timing for follow ups.
Website Analytics
Charket Sales Intelligence makes a website interactive. Marketers can assign different weights to individual site pages so the traffic they generate will have different levels of importance. The sources of traffic can also tell which search engine brings the most traffic to the site.
Form & Survey Analytics
By using Charket Sales Intelligence, sales and marketing teams no longer need to wonder how far prospects have gone with opening resources shared with them. Sales people can tell, by looking at the form/survey traffic data, the levels of interest their prospects have in their offerings, and whether or not each prospect is keen to move a deal forward.
WeChat Mini Program Analytics
WeChat mini programs are the best channel to make products, services and content available to WeChat users. Charket Sales Intelligence turns WeChat users' behaviors with a mini program to traffic. Understanding such behavioral data helps create a personalized experience for WeChat users and at the same time helps sales people improve their engagement with their WeChat customers.
What Benefits Do Sales Team Get from Charket Sales Intelligence?
Once traffic is generated and stored in Salesforce CRM, Charket Sales Intelligence uses various technologies to identify the traffic. Identifiable traffic is associated with leads or contacts. After further processing, identifiable traffic is converted to actionable data that sales people can utilize to optimize their sales follow-ups and maximize the chance of closing deals as won. Identifiable traffic can trigger the following actions in Salesforce CRM.
Prospect Segmentation. Prospects are put under different campaigns based on content consumed. This helps complete each prospect's profile and contributes to future accurate content delivery.
Score Adjustment. Each prospect's scores are adjusted based on their interactions with content. Sales people can use this information to well allocate their resources to the most winnable deals.
Push Notification. Interactions with important content can trigger push notifications to sales people so they never miss good timing to follow up with prospects.
Sales Activity Assignment. Sales activities are created automatically and streamlined to the right sales people.
To succeed in today's sales environment, it's necessary for companies to equip their sales people with a sales intelligence tool that guides them through their sales follow-ups with real-time analysis of prospects' behavioral data. Contact us to schedule a demo to see how Charket Sales Intelligence fits your needs.