Charket WhatsApp® Makes WhatsApp Messaging Easy in Salesforce CRM

With over 2.24 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app globally. 100 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp every day. WhatsApp's international reach makes it a great platform for businesses to promote their brands, and reach prospects and customers worldwide.
As a social CRM solution provider, Charket helps Salesforce customers connect WhatsApp with Salesforce Customer 360. By using Charket WhatsApp, businesses are able to build an exceptional WhatsApp experience for customers, enable efficient marketing, implement sales and engage in customer service from within Salesforce.

How Does Charket WhatsApp Work?

By integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce, Charket WhatsApp allows businesses to connect customers through conversational engagement, and deliver them a seamless, highly personalized experience throughout the customer journey.
Charket WhatsApp enables businesses to create marketing automation through WhatsApp template messages. Brand promotion and marketing event notifications can be mass sent via interactive messaging. With Charket Sales Intelligence, businesses can generate traffic from WhatsApp customers in Salesforce CRM and gain valuable insight into the customer behavior. It helps marketers and salespeople figure out the best timing for follow-ups.
Social Selling
Charket WhatsApp allows businesses to engage with prospects and customers through WhatsApp, build relationships, and ultimately drive sales. Sales people are able to create and send customized WhatsApp template messages for their sales follow-ups in Salesforce. Customized buttons in a template message enable customers to respond with a single click.
Customer Service
Charket WhatsApp supports service automation enabled by Flow actions triggered by WhatsApp template messages, such as, agent assignments and auto replies. Chat conversations can be transferred among agents in the Salesforce Omni-Channel. Agents are able to create cases from chat conversations and keep WhatsApp customers updated through real-time notifications. Interactive WhatsApp messaging and automation help increase agent efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Benefits from Using Charket WhatsApp

Over two billion global users make WhatsApp a prominent channel for communication. By integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce, Charket WhatsApp enables businesses to provide their WhatsApp customers a seamless and convenient experience. Charket WhatsApp' support of Salesforce Omni-Channel allows service agents to support customers through all channels.
Charket WhatsApp enables businesses to manage customer interactions and data efficiently in Salesforce CRM. Businesses are able to enhance lead conversions and sales performance through streamlined lead and opportunity management process.
Charket WhatsApp allows different teams to easily share resources and customer data, and respond to WhatsApp customer inquiries promptly and conveniently from within Salesforce. This helps improve communication and collaboration among sales, marketing and support teams.
Charket WhatsApp enables businesses to craft an end-to-end customer journey, and offer highly customized experience through Charket Sales Intelligence and marketing automation. By leveraging better customer engagement and satisfaction, businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers.
Data security is at the core of Charket. All data Charket WhatsApp accesses is securely stored in Salesforce database and encrypted both in transit across the Internet and at rest within Salesforce.
By integrating Salesforce and WhatsApp, Charket WhatsApp allows businesses to deliver timely, rich and personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. Schedule a demo with a Charket expert to learn more about Charket WhatsApp social CRM solution.

WhatsApp is a trademark of Meta, inc.
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