8 Best Practices Maximizing Benefits from WeChat Service Account

1. Respond to customer requests within 48 hours (24 hours will be even better) which is the window WeChat agents can send unlimited messages to WeChat followers. After the 48-hour window, there will be a monthly limit of 4 messages that a business can initiate proactively to each WeChat follower.

2. Process customer requests from later Friday afternoon immediately; otherwise, it will be beyond the 48-hour window on Monday morning.

3. Avoid doing WeChat marketing campaigns on Friday unless there are people supporting WeChat requests on the weekend, getting back to them on Monday will be too late.

4. Do not send unnecessary messages to WeChat customers because it's likely they will unfollow, block or even worse report spam against the business account. In the worst case, the business account can be shut down by Tencent (the company that owns WeChat).

5. Use as many QR codes as possible to get WeChat users' attention and have them follow and interact with the business account. Using QR codes is a very effective and free marketing channel for generating sales leads. Place QR codes anywhere WeChat users are likely to see.

6. Set up keyword based auto replies which are better to be short product videos. Remember to place a QR code at the end of each video so that the performance of the video can be tracked.

7. Create personalized menus for different groups of WeChat followers, for example the menu for prospects focuses on the marketing aspect of your products while the menu for customers makes available customer service resources, such as documentation and videos.

8. Schedule Salesforce daily/weekly reports & dashboards to closely monitor WeChat follower behaviors as that will help generate more sales.