Charket AI for Smart Customer Service

As businesses are generating revenue from customers, taking care of customers is to keep them happy, build customer loyalty and hence drive the growth of the business. When it comes to customer service, being responsive to their requests is as important as getting the problems solved. However, being responsive is not easy as it requires adequate technical and human resources and such demand of resources is not always predictable, so it very likely introduces waste of resources. Charket AI was designed to enable smart customer service that helps businesses instantly respond to inquiries from WeChat customers without having to have human effort involved.

For those who are wondering what such smart customer service looks like, the screen below shows a conversation between a WeChat user (on the right side) and Salesforce where Charket AI does all the job.

Charket AI for Smart Customer Service

As shown in the conversation, Charket AI was able to drive the process that allows the WeChat customer to provide all necessary details that will help resolve the issue. Charket AI made it as easy as possible for the customer to provide certain information by replying only a number.

Similar to Amazon Echo, Charket AI is powered by skills. Businesses can build multiple skills to cover various customer service scenarios, such as getting questions answered, querying product information or tracking package delivery. Considering all Chinese people are using WeChat, this is the best and the most convenient way for Chinese customers to access a company's customer service.

In addition to enable smart customer service, Charket AI can also be used to allow internal Salesforce users to chat with Salesforce from their WeChat app. Charket AI skills can be developed to support activities such as creating accounts and contacts, updating sales pipeline or submitting expense claims.