Connect WeCom customer
engagement features with
Salesforce CRM

Introducing Charket WeCom

Charket offers a suite of Salesforce AppExchange native apps that help businesses do WeChat marketing, social selling and WeChat customer service. With the introduction of our Charket WeCom app, Charket customers can take their sales and account management to the next level.
WeCom, a.k.a. WeChat Work is a mobile app as well as a platform offered by Tencent, owner of WeChat, to tackle the enterprise application market. Our new Charket WeCom app connects WeCom customer engagement features with Salesforce CRM to help our customers implement a more comprehensive business development and account management strategy.
Below are features introduced in Charket WeCom 1.0.
1. Sync WeCom data to Salesforce CRM
Capitalizing on Salesforce's BI and AI capabilities, you can now get the most out of WeCom data. WeCom data can also be made available to other business systems through Salesforce's web APIs.
2. Seamless integration with Salesforce standard objects
WeCom users are linked to Salesforce users and their associated WeCom contacts can be linked to Salesforce Leads, Contacts and Person Accounts. Allowing you to leverage current business processes in Salesforce.
3. WeChat user 360 view
Identify WeChat users across multiple WeChat business accounts including WeChat Service Accounts, Subscription Accounts, WeChat Mini-Programs and WeCom Accounts. A WeChat user, once identified under one WeChat business account, can be identified automatically when this WeChat user interacts with any other WeChat business accounts under the same business entity, linking them to the same Lead, Contact or Person Account record.
4. Extend customer engagement data with chat groups
Make WeChat chat groups and group members available in Salesforce to complement customer engagement data. Chat message sync will soon be available as well.
5. Segmentation with WeCom tags and tag groups
Enhance WeChat customer segmentation and better understand each customer interests through two-way sync of WeCom Tags and Tag Groups.
Connect WeCom customer<br>engagement features with<br>Salesforce CRM
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