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No. 1 WeChat Integration Tool
I have been using Charket for almost one year because my client heavily relies on the WeChat ecosystem to run sales & marketing activities. From my point of view, Charket is so far the best product bringing Salesforce and WeChat together. It provides a rich set of tools which make it a lot easier for us to set up WeChat campaigns, generate QR codes and create dynamic forms. In addition to their product, the Charket support team also does a great job. They always respond to our inquiries promptly and provide valuable input to what we do. If you need a reliable product for WeChat integration with Salesforce, Charket is second to none.
A great tool for digital marketing
We just launched Charket as the direct integration between WeChat and Salesforce without any servers in between. Due to the flexibility and scalability offered by Charket, we can easily setup communication with WeChat followers and provide the on-time response, which makes work efficiency and productive. Plus, Charket has the strong support on Campaigns which is good for the development of digital marketing. We are still learning and figure out more functions of Charket. So far, it's a secured and reliable tool.
Charket is the tool you need for WeChat
- Easy access UI.
- Stable performance which is crucial for our company.
- Timely function enhancement which build up smooth customer experience.
- Self-configuration which seamlessly solve end user's different requirement.
- Streamline the process among departments so able to take care customer from A to Z and create bundle efforts to maximize all potential profit.
Great Tool Better Team
The Charket team worked with us to integrate their tool into our service console which is already bespoke to us, the complexity was no issue and support excellent, working with colleagues across many time zones. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking to integrate WeChat with their CRM system.
Fantastic support
We integrated Charket into a fairly heavily customized version of Salesforce last year and have had nothing but fantastic support from Aaron and the team at Charket. Time zone and language are no barriers, the team make themselves available for our colleagues based in both the UK and USA. Updates are timely and enhancements to the App show Charket are listening to feedback, ensuring Charket evolves to enable all WeChat functionality to be utilized.
我们使用 Charket 已经半年之久,感觉使用起来非常方便,从潜在客户收集,到成为最终客户的跟踪过程,会得到全部的掌握,而且 Charket 升级周期也很及时,最新升级的2.0版本,增加了更多的业务模块,目前也支持中文版本,更方便企业内部的广泛使用。
Best WeChat customer care integration!
Charket provides the best WeChat customer care available on the AppExchange. Progress could be made by leveraging the SF Console so that WeChat is dealt like any other channel.
Regarding Marketing campaigns, Charket provides basic features that can help to start on WeChat. I am trusting MegInfo to include more capabilities in next months/years.
Big fan of Charket
We integrated our BU's WeChat platform with Salesforce org. We estimate that this tool will bring more revenue and improve customer satisfaction. So far, it has been working very well for us. And it is a critical strategic step in our IT eco-system. The Charket support team is prompt and professional. We are showing off and encouraging other BUs to buy and use this APP. All BUs and leadership are impressed by this APP. We are a big fan of Charket! We are looking for an ever-evolving Charket!
Excellent way to link Salesforce with WeChat
Charket provides a more convenient way to integrate WeChat and Salesforce. With Charket, we can manage more than one WeChat account in the same time. This makes our customer service more efficient.
Must have if you are a marketer in China
Being a marketer in China, Charket is the must have and long-awaited solution to start properly track and engage leads on WeChat. The campaign specific QR code can be super handy when you do offline events, which is the preferred method in my industry.
Completely Changes How We Approach WeChat
Charket is the only solution I could find that brings WeChat into the world of enterprise CRM by effectively bringing lead data into the world's leading CRM solution (Salesforce). Without a centralization of leads into a single system, large inside Salesforce using WeChat for lead generation are left manually managing hundreds of contacts and WeChat groups - an inefficient and disorganized process. Beyond just capturing leads in an organized way, Charket has an additional key benefit: it allows us to track the ROI of our QR-code based marketing campaigns. Before Charket, we would send QR codes out into the world and roughly guess how much impact they had. Now we can explicitly measure the number of scans for each code, and measure how many of the leads generated from those scans end up becoming real sales opportunities. We are only at the beginning of our implementation with Charket and I see some great possibilities. Hope to write an updated review once we've fully deployed it.
One-Stop solution for Salesforce/WeChat Integration
Charket is a One-Stop solution for all your integration needs between Salesforce and WeChat. Charket fits exceptionally well on your Salesforce org and helps you link your Company's WeChat account and the Mini Program with Salesforce. With Charket, you can definitely generate more leads for your upper funnel system via WeChat, plus you can segment leads and nurture them via WeChat seamlessly. Customizing/ implementing according to your business needs is feasible as the app leverages Salesforce Standard objects extensively. Charket team provides unwavering support/ guidance to the whole process of implementing the system. Thank you Charket team for the outstanding product and service.
Charket is a must have if you are targeting Chinese consumers
In our company, we use Charket for the Chinese market and Salesforce for non- Chinese markets. Since the reporting system is integrated with each other, it really solved a lot of invisibility problems in our company which predominantly English speakers. Aaron is extremely responsive, delivering excellent customer service. Nevertheless, Charket is a must-have if you are targeting Chinese consumers.
Charket as a first choice for WeChat integration with Salesforce
We have been using Charket for more than 6 months. I have tested all available Salesforce integrations with WeChat before deciding to go with Charket for the following reasons:
- Best design both internally and externally.
- Live Chat feature and analytics reports are state of the art.
- Easy customizations through Process Builder.
- Most importantly, fast response from the team for enquiries and support.
Charket support rocks
We have been using this app for over a year now. It has been a game changer for us and loved from our call centre agents. Also, I want to make a special note that if you were to decide to purchase this product, you will not only be getting a best in class APP but also you will get unmatched support from Aaron. He has been there for us at any time of the day whenever we have had a query or a need. The customer service rocks here! Thank you Charket team. You are fantastic!
Charket makes marketing via WeChat so much more efficient and easy!
Great product that has saved our team lots of time. The integration with Salesforce is comprehensive and powerful. Charket team is really professional and helpful at all times, loving the application and the team. Great work, guys!
Charket is a great tool
I met with Aaron Lau in August of last year at my offices in HK, and within minutes of Aaron's demo I realized this was a great tool and would revolutionise the way my company can market to our Chinese / Asian customer base. Charket were on hand all throughout the install to help on the technical side and was very happy to demo and train members of my company on many occasions at unsociable times. Would recommend Charket to anymore looking for a better engagement model with customers in Asia, just wished the ROW would use WeChat! Thanks again Charket and Aaron.
Charket 帮助实现更好的线上线下市场活动
通过使用 Charket,我们可以更加有效的管理线下的市场活动增加抽奖等互动环节;更重要的是所有的线下互动的数据,客户的信息都存储在SFDC中,可以方便的根据客户信息、线下活动的记录来分组进行线上的市场活动以及信息沟通。 Charket 解决了之前微信公众号粉丝无法和 SFDC 连接,也解决了打标签的困难。同时在易用性方面 Charket也做的很好,使用起来方便顺手。 作为对 Charket 的期待,我们希望 Charket 可以在模板配置,会议互动上做的更加的灵活,更加的新颖,真正的做到对线上线下活动管理的巨大提升。
Charket is by far the best solution to connect Salesforce and WeChat. It works very well integrate WeChat into our enterprise CRM. A must have APP that improve efficiency running campaigns in China.
Your ideal WeChat solution for Marketing Automation!
As a marketer at GE Healthcare China, we have been searching a solution that completes our customer engagement process with the integration of WeChat. Charket has proven to be the one that solves our biggest pain point. It not only allows us to interact with customers through WeChat, but also validate, track, and convert leads to contact/opportunity within our own Salesforce instance. Most importantly, all data is secured and stored in our own server, which makes it very easy to install and integrate. The Charket team's service support is also highly efficient and professional.
Charket is perfect
We have installed this application into our Salesforce. And with this new approach, we can provide the best customer experience for our customer. And also with the support from the developers, we integrate Charket with our own applications. And furthermore, we will use this application to do more on marketing, sales and customer support. It is valuable for you to try this application.
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